Skull and Shackles

Game 10 - Set Sail for Adventure!

(Will be fleshed out later)

- Squibbing complete!
- Peggsworthy christens your ship, “The Devilfish”, smashing a bottle of Sargavan wine upon the keel.
- Rickety toasts to your fortune, “Good fortune and sure sail await whosoever can crack the Tidewater Rock!”
- You set sail, shake down your crew, re-figure some ship roles, administer some punishments, develop some rules.
- One night your ship is attacked by three Sahuagin! Your captain is on watch, along with some sailors, and sounds the alarm. You slay the intruding fish men.
- You come upon the Ginger Belle and decide to attack. After a long chase you close and grapple. Just before the hand to hand fighting engages, Captain Ragnar makes a stirring speech, calling on the other ship to surrender. Surprisingly, they do, and you gain some captives (the Captains), some crew, and some now-rescued slaves.
- You split your crew between the two ships and sail on the Port Peril, perhaps to sell your newest booty.



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