Skull and Shackles

Game 2 - Life on the High Seas

Life is never dull on a pirate ship!

Life on a pirate ship is never dull, though it is sometimes repetitive. How much rope can one ship need coiled?

One evening Mr Plugg brings his “pet” above-decks. Owlbear Hartshorn is a large man, but a simpleton. Mr Plugg abuses him abominably, but Owlbear seems to accept it as his due. Owlbear capers briefly for the crew, pitifully grateful for the laughs he gets. Plugg taunts and challenges you until Barnaby accepts the challenge to fight Owlbear, bare hands only. Barnaby throws the fight as sneakily as possible (after a couple of attempts) and Owlbear emerges the slightly confused champion.

A couple days of regular tasks pass. On the eighth day a storm well and truly hits the Wormwood. Regular crew duties are suspended as every sailor (even the cook’s helper) is told to take to the rigging to see the ship through the storm. The day is gruelingly difficult.

In the afternoon one of your friends falls overboard! With quick thinking and well placed aid you manage to save their life, earning their gratitude and showing the rest of the crew that you will fight to save a companion’s life.

You fight the storm through the evening and night, and on the next morning the ship is safe, but normal work remains. Everyone fights through exhaustion to complete their day’s tasks.

On the eleventh day the ship is in shallow water near some reefs. Plugg sends you and Rosie Cusswell to swim out to the reefs and capture enough crabs for the Captain’s supper. While collecting crabs, you’re attacked by reefclaws, who look to make a fine meal out of you!

Despite the difficult fighting conditions, teamwork and a well summoned dolphin save the day. Maisie goes on to cook a delicious crab and reef crab feast, much to the crew’s delight (and surprise). The captain is so pleased he compliments Maisie’s cooking and gives the group a gift. Plugg looks on, glowering.

By the end of the thirteenth day you’ve made fast friends with over a third of the regular crew.



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