Skull and Shackles

Game 4 - Prize Ship, Shipwrecked

The party was raucous, and at the end of it Captain Harrigan convinced most of the Rahadoumi crew that becoming pirates was a better option than becoming shark food. The officers were led away to be held prisoner until they are ransomed.

Captain Harrigan then announced that the Rahadoumi ship is now his prize ship, and Mister Plugg will sail her to Port Peril for sale as salvage. The Rahadoumi crew will remain aboard the Wormwood and the majority of the lower level Wormwood crew, including your group, will sail on the prize ship. Mister Plugg also chooses Master Scourge, Ambrose Kroop, and Owlbear Hartshorn to sail with him.

On the first day on the Man’s Promise acting captain Plugg and his first mate Master Scourge inform the crew that the rules are the same as before except for one difference. Discipline will be a good deal harsher than on the lackadaisical Wormwood – all crimes are now punishable with the cat instead of the whip.

The work is hard, as the ship is slightly undermanned, and fatigue and exhaustion dog your every action. Plugg and Scourge continue to assign you the worst or least favorite jobs on board.

Rumours spread that Plugg will claim the Man’s Promise for himself, rumours that you have confirmation of from overhearing a secret meeting on the first night. The crew is nervous that Plugg will get rid of them to eliminate awkward witnesses. You notice that the ship’s course has been changed to head east toward Bloodcove, a notorious port on the edge of the Mwangi Expanse. Kroop confirms that there is a seedy, isolated dry dock on the Slithering Coast west of Bloodcove called Rickety’s Squibs. Rickety refits ships and provides new identities, for a price.

On the fourth day a hard storm hits the Man’s Promise. During the storm two sailors disappear, one of them Sandara Quinn! Barnaby swears he saw her snatched by tentacled aberrations, the same kind that he, Maisie, Feleeta, Ragnar and Rosie also had a deadly encounter with during the storm.

The storm begins to abate on the beginning of the fifth day, but the ship hits the coral reefs surrounding Bonewrack Isle. As the tide goes out, the crew sees that the Man’s Promise is holed in the main hold on the starboard side of the ship, and the ship’s water barrel, nearby, has burst.

Plugg orders the group to take the ship’s cutter to get water from the isle (either maliciously or superstitiously refusing to drink conjured water). The repairs will take a day and a half, and the ship will sail at the first high tide thereafter, with or without the group. You have effectively 48 hours to return.

You row the cutter around almost a quarter of the island before you find a nice beach to land on. Since you are all exhausted you decide to sleep for eight hours before you explore. Maisie fills the water barrels with her spells, since Plugg can’t complain about water that he doesn’t see conjured.

Before you can rest you encounter the giant coconut crabs that live on the beach and have a dangerous fight with them. You survive, have a delicious crab repast, and sleep uninterrupted for 8 hours. When you awake it is roughly six in the afternoon. It is a beautiful day and the (normal sized) coconut crabs skitter about the beach in the peaceful afternoon.



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