Skull and Shackles

Game 7 - Rescues and Mutinies!

You enter the lair, now at low tide. As you explore the mostly empty caverns and tunnels you find the nasty traps and surprises that the grindylows had prepared. Some caverns have beds of seaweed, good for the creatures to hide in and also laced with floating hooks and barbs to snag and entangle cloth or armor wearers. One cavern has a cavern “floor” made of a series of metal bars, beneath which are trapped two lacedons eager to lash out at anyone who swims nearby or who walks across the bars. Another cave had a heavy spiked iron grille ready to pin an air breather beneath it to drown.

You reach the Devilfish’s cavern, which at low tide is completely unsubmerged. The fight is still quite formidable, and your new companion Hektor loses his life just before he is finally about to escape this deathtrap of an island.

In the next room you find the two crewmembers stolen from your ship, Sandara Quinn and “Ratline” Rattsberger, as well as Barnaby! They are all barely alive, hanging from the ceiling of this immense cavern, bound hand and foot with thick strands of seaweed and sinew and weighted with heavy ingots of silver. They are guarded by the last remaining grindylow, the immense son of the Brinebrood Queed. He is called The Whale. As you enter the room, he is casually pulling off Ratline’s leg for a snack, though his mother exhorted him to leave the prisoners alive as bait until her return.

As he is essentially alone, you handily defeat the Whale (though he tries to swallow you). You discover two more lacedons chained to the bottom of the cavern with masterwork manacles. They would have gladly attacked and eaten the prisoners had the grindylows cut the ropes to let the silver ingots drag them to their doom.

You find a number of precious objects in the lair, including a 25 pound elaborately scrimshawed whale skull, whose carvings function as a variety of arcane scrolls. Sandara Quinn gifts you with her Besmara’s tricorne as a token of her gratitude for rescuing her. Ratline may have to be called Pegleg after this, but he too is thankful for your rescue.

You briefly row out to the wreck of the Infernus to investigate, slay a young giant moray eel, and find a few treasures amongst the wreckage.

You rest once more on the beach, load up the cutter with the food, water and rescued crewmates, and head off around the isle to see if Mr. Plugg has abandoned you to Bonewrack Isle.

As you round the tip of the island you see the Man’s Promise is still there, at least a day and a half past Mr. Plugg’s deadline to you. You also see the other ship’s boat headed toward the island. You meet at sea and find Kroop and mostly other friendly crewmembers aboard. They’ve been sent for water since you haven’t returned, and the ship still needs water before it can set sail. Mr. Plugg is beyond furious, Kroop informs you, and plans to slaughter you as soon as you return. Most of the crew, being friendly with you, is unhappy with this plan of action. Now is your time to mutiny! Defend yourselves and take the ship from Plugg who’d already betrayed his captain to take the ship for himself!

You tell Kroop and his boat of crew to hang back as you row towards the Man’s Promise. As you approach, Plugg bellows to you that for your disobedience and failures he has decided that you shall suffer the death penalty. He orders the crew to open fire. Most of the crew fire to miss you, and you come up to the ship unharmed. You swarm up onto deck and a fierce battle ensues. The crew hangs back, some plainly unwilling to attack you though too cowed to help you attack Plugg and Scourge. But some of the crew hold off Owlbear and the few newer crew who would be helping try to kill you.

Plugg and Scourge put up a good fight, but eventually perish. Near the end of the fight Plugg attempts to disengage and leap into the water, but you slay him before he can escape.

You have successfully mutinied! The ship is yours! All that remains is to decide on who fills what officer positions, and what shall be the next step in your ever growing pirate legend!

(You are level 4)



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