Skull and Shackles

Game 8 - Nominations, Decisions and Squibbing

After a lively discussion and surprisingly no bloodshed, decisions are made. The crew heartily celebrates the new officers of the Man’s Promise (to be renamed Devilfish as soon as possible): Captain Ragnar Wormtongue, First Mate Barnaby Greaves (also Master Gunner and Ship’s Carpenter); Pilot Rosie Rainbow, Bosun F’leeta Corravon (also Master at Arms); Quartermaster Maisie Fairweather (also Cook and Ship’s Surgeon); and Cabin Mate Rosie Cusswell.

Before they leave Bonewrack Isle, the crew decides to harvest as much corn as possible, and proceed very carefully to avoid any crew getting ghoul fever. The corn is both for food and for cover as cargo if they should meet some someone both dangerous and officious before they reach their next destination. Also before they leave, Barnaby befriends a small monkey (an Emperor Tamarin) that he names Hector in honour of the crazed island survivor who helped rescue him.

They have decided to voyage to Rickety’s Squibs, as Plugg had also planned. Changing the ship’s identity is important to avoid authorities, to avoid Captain Harrigan’s revenge, and to make it easier to prey on other ships.

Rickety’s Squibs is about 100 miles away, about a two day journey assuming fair winds and a full crew (which you have, just barely). The voyage is calm calm and uneventful and gives the crew a chance to start to get comfortable in their new roles. The last day of your journey you notice that the winds are a bit dull and the heat a bit excessive.

You sail round a tall headland and see Rickety’s village and the series of docks. You notice the watchtower on the promontory and see it signal the village. A single-masted longboat sets out from dock to meet you. Rickety himself is aboard, and he boards your ship when you grant permission and sets to evaluating your ship and negotiating price with you.

You settle on a squibbing, the installation of a ram and a rudder, and the repair of the deck that had been scavenged to fix the hole in the hull. Luckily, you have enough plunder and magic items to trade to cover the costs, and you don’t have to consider Rickety’s offers of payment plans or co-ownership in your ship. Through it all, Rickety maintains his friendly demeanor, though at one point a sharp comment from Captain Wormtongue almost causes him to cool towards you. Maisie manages to brush off the comment as a joke, and Rickety regains his humour. He also tells you of the extreme heatwave and drought that has beset the village and surrounding area for the last month.

The work on your ship will take at least eight days, and you discover that you can stay in the Commons area free of charge, included with your purchase. But you have to buy or find your own food and drink, and you are most certainly welcome to purchase anything else you might need from the friendly villagers.

The next couple days are calm and restful. By now everyone is rested and healed of their Bonewrack Isle misadventures. On the third day you experience one negative consequence of the drought – a young naga, crazed from being driven out of her habitat and into uncomfortable waters has snapped and attacks you and some sailors down by the docks as you set up to play some lazy lawn bowling. You defeat her and save your crew member.

A couple days later a cloud of horse sized giant wasps descend upon the village. As everyone madly dashes for cover, the wasps are attacking and attempting to drag paralyzed people off to eat at leisure. You make it to the safety of inside the Commons after one skirmish, only to notice some villagers being attacked nearby. Maisie dashes out to help, so the rest of you follow to help her, and you manage to save the villager to the delight of the other workers watching from the safety of the Commons. Rickety is so pleased he gives you a 500gp discount on your squibbing!

The wasps finally disperse. Several workers lie on the ground, paralyzed or slain. Just a few have been carried off by the giant vermin. Overall, casualties were light and everyone is thankful. Suddenly, someone shouts an alarm and villagers once more scatter for cover.

A Chelish galleon can be seen anchored in the cove and an armed party is just clambering onto the docks from their launch!


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