Skull and Shackles

Game 9 - Waiting on a Squib

Thankfully, though you’re sure you could have won, the Chelish galleon is a pirate’s prize ship, here to be squibbed. Captain Merrill Peggsworth (formerly a military man of Andoran) parlays with you, and, when he realizes that you’re formerly crew of Harrigan’s, is quite happy to keep mum about your new ship, if only to put one over on Harrigan (who he seems to QUITE dislike). Peggsworth is friendly and happy to chat, and even offers to christen your ship. It is considered good luck in the Shackles for a ship to be christened by a Free Pirate Captain, or a noble lady.

Peggsworthy is also apologetic to have barged in on your squibbing. The protocol here at Rickety’s is that an arriving ship does not sail into the bay unless the current squibbing is complete, signalled by the flags on the lookout tower. This ensures that anonymity is maintained (and does not strain the fragile trust between pirate captains). When Peggsworthy sailed in, no flags were evident. Rickety is concerned when he hears this and asks you to investigate what could have happened to his towerkeeper, Lyle Godwin. He also offers to knock 100gp off the cost of the squibbing.

The trail to the tower winds through the jungle, then follows a knife-edged ridgeline as it climbs along the headland. It’s rocky, steep, overgrown with jungle growth, and drops sharply 50 feet or so to the cove beneath. On the narrow path you encounter two wild boars. They aggressively attack you on the 5’ narrow path. You leave Barnaby behind to dress the carcasses as you press on to the tower.

At the tower you find a many broken rum bottles, and the dead lookout, Lyle Godwin. You eventually hypothesize that he was killed by the giant wasps. You also find his parrot, Rotgut, who follows you forlornly back to the village. You toss Godwin’s body down to the bay for later retrieval and bring his his magical mace back to Rickety.

A bit restless as the squibbing process continues, you cast about for something to do and hear of some suspicious activity near the village. You venture out to one tidepool/fishing spot and encounter a very odd type of shambling zombie – it has some sort of shelled and tentacled creature on its head! The shelled creature speaks in your minds, wondering if you’d be better bearers for it. As you take down the dead human, the shelled creature tries to latch on to one of you, but you slay it as well.

The next day, at a different tidepool, you encounter a creature that looks like a cross between a small dragon and a lobster. It has chosen a picturesque tidepool as its lair and it does not wish to move on. You battle it for quite some time. It keeps casting obscuring mist and hiding within the mist as it bedevils you with breath weapons and other spells. It seems to take great enjoyment out of playing hide and seek with you and taunting you. Eventually you vanquish it and it is forced to give you it’s treasure.

Your squibbing is almost complete! Soon you will be sailing the seas and looking for prey!



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