Maisie Fairweather

Wasting Waves Oracle


Masie was always a creature of the waves. Born and bred on the island of Tempest Cay (the closest to the Eye of Abendego), Maisie spent her early years in a remote and un-named fishing village swimming and diving and helping her family live off of the sea.

When she was 13, a tsunami struck the coast, wiping out her whole family and dragging Masie out to sea. Surprisingly enough, she was not drowned. Instead, Maisie was “rescued” by a Chelaxian slaver on its way to Motaku Isle and the city of Quent in the south. Sold as a (now non-virgin) slave to the Calistrian House of Stolen Kisses, Maisie was assigned to work in the kitchen as unskilled labour and spent almost two years as a dish scrubber and vegetable peeler.

During that time, her body bloomed and she soon came to the notice of a Sacred Prostitute recruitment priest. Since the preparation cloister was located along the coast and west of Quent, Maisie, along with eleven other newly recruited acolytes, were placed on the Simpering Maid and sailed to the training centre.

Maisie and all hands were presumed drowned when the Simpering Maid was reported sunk in a freak white squall that had struck out of season.

Two days later, Masie washed ashore. She was the only one found alive. Her slave collar identified her as belonging to the House of Stolen Kisses. When brought back to Quent, the healers could barely believe she was still alive, her once striking features having taken on the appearance of rotting, water-logged flesh; hair, that should have shone, now hung limp and wet around her face — where it was not falling out; and the slight smell of rotting fish or putrid seaweed seemed to emanate from her. A vague skull and crossbones bruise was seen to erupt upon her forehead. Masie was quickly cast out of the Calistrian temple. Who wants a rotting presence near sacred prostitutes? Especially one that might be marked by the Pirate Queen?

Abandoned and destitute, Maisie couldn’t even make a living in the oldest profession known to women. And she couldn’t get the sound of the sea out of her ears. In despair, Maisie ran to the docks and threw herself into the ocean — only to bounce and skitter across the surface. The sea would not have her, Besmara had her.

Since then, Maisie has been moving from port to port and ship to ship. But no legitimate captain has been willing to make her part of the crew — in spite of her abilities as a healer and a cook (the latter improved upon when she served as a cook’s mate to Barnaby a few years back).

Now, arriving in Port Peril and between ships, Maisie is determined to become part of a crew. And since the only option open to her is obviously a pirate crew, she has set her mind on piracy. After stopping for a drink at a tavern called the Formidably Maid, Masie happened upon a noble in distress in the alleyway outside. Thinking she could help, Maisie didn’t notice the thugs hiding nearby, and they caught her unawares. Maisie’d been on enough ships to know a press gang by the blow of the sap on the back of her neck — she blacked out hoping that whatever ship she ends up on needed a healer or a cook.

(OCC: Maisie’s culinary journey is documented in Maisie’s Cookbook.)

Maisie Fairweather

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