Rosie Rainbow

Tall, red haired fireball.


Rosie and her twin brother Moras were born of a night of wild passion between the dreaded pirate Blackheart Smith and a runaway wood elf in the city.

Blackheart married the pretty waif. Before you go thinking he was all noble, the only reason Blackheart married his lover was a point of possession. She was far too pretty for him not to possess in every way. Married, he knew no other man in port would touch her.

The pirate was away on many voyages while Rosalind “Rosie” and her brother were growing up. Taking after her mother, Rosie garnered much attention. Being the daughter of Blackheart Bart, she was also treated with respect and, perhaps, coddled and indulged by the residents of the port city a bit too much. Rosie often got her way, by hook or by crook, but always managed to escape real punishment by dint of her heratige.

Bart visited his family occasionally. Mostly to see his beloved jewel, Althea. His children were merely decor to be ignored and tolerated for the pleasure. At least, until Moras turned fifteen. Then Blackheart noticed his grace and agility and, in need of a cabin boy, took his son to sea. Althea agreed, only to be rid of one more responsibility that stood in the way of her plan to return to her people. Now if only Rosie could be disposed of so conveniently.

Fortune smiled on Althea. After many years of waiting, with no word from her absent husband, news came that their ship had been lost at sea, outrunning a massive storm. Althea could scarcely believe the news. Nor could Rosie but for different reasons. Misseing her twin brother and partner in crime so much, Rosie decided to run off and find her family. She was unconvinced that her stalwart sea dog of a father could lose to a mere violent act of nature. She left her mother in the night, taking all the gold and valuables she could lift without detection and set out for the nearest pirate tavern…

Rosie Rainbow

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