Tag: MagicItem


  • Besmara's Tricorne

    Originally Sandara's hat, you were able to track and rescue her by spotting the grindylow's frolicking with it in the bay. Sandara gifted it to you in thanks for her life.

  • Hospitality's Hammock

    The captain of the Man’s Promise was particularly susceptible to seasickness, and commissioned this item to make his long voyages away from home more comfortable. Although he would never admit it to those under his command, Mr. Plugg was pleasantly …

  • Shackles of Compliance

    You found these on Mr. Plugg's body after you defeated him. You wonder if he'd planned to use them on you. They are now yours by right of conquest.

  • Steadfast Grapple

    Ambrose Kroop may have been the next best thing to Harrigan's slave, but he kept this magic item from the black-hearted pirate.

  • Tidewater Cutlass

    Tidewater cutlasses are not uncommon weapons among the pirates of the Shackles, at least for those who can afford to buy one or who manage to loot one from someone who can. Mr. Plugg acquired his cutlass from a seasoned old tar aboard the Wormwood who had …

  • Vindictive Harpoon

    You found this magic item used against you by the Brinebrood Queen, the vicious, deranged grindylow matriarch. It is now yours by right of conquest.