Ragnar Wormtongue

Human Summoner


Ragnar wormtongue Always dreamed of the sea even though his whole life he was surrounded by land and mountains .
His family eked there way through farming and one day Ragnar wormtongue decided that that was not the life for him and ran form it as quick as he could traveled to the nearest port and begged to be a cabin boy or a piss boy anything on a ship .
He was taken aboard a schooner as a apprentice sailer but as the boat left the dock it sunk
So ragnar wormtongue begged to be taken on another ship that took him on as a cook . It left port only to be sunk in a storm a day out . The wreckage Ragnar floated back on floated back into the same port he left two days later he was the only survivor.
He again begged to be taken on a boat but no one would take him , cursed they said., unlucky they say
When Ragnar had finally given up on his dream, a strange ship sailed into port one with sails of black and stunk of death.
Ragnar wormtongue meet the boat when the crew came ashore they where odd and strange but Ragnar spied the captain and threw him self at his feet and begged him to take him on as a cabin boy anything
The captain smiled with his wooden teeth and said well ur luck enough or unlucky enough that our cabin boy was eaten so welcome aboard we sail tomorrow to the shakes boy

Ragnar wormtongue spent 4 seasons on the “unlucky” sailing with the captain and her crew. His talents developed on the ship and eventually Ragnar wormtongue out grew the captain and her crew and has asked to be let off at port peril to find his new Calling

Ragnar Wormtongue

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